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Time for a knees up ?!

Then it's time to contact Bill'n'Ricky on or bell us on 07801 734411.
We'll give you a night of rockney, cockney, skiffle and blues, 50's, 60's and you favourite tunes.
Wether it's a birthday for a relation or any party celebration the local pub or a social club,
we'll give you a bit of Chas'n'Dave, a cockney rave and a right ole knees up!

Every night is party night with BILL'N'RICKY !







31st July - The Tyrells, Grays, Essex
6th August - The Spreadeagle, Brentwood
8th August - Peggy Sues, London Road, Southend
14th August - Vicars Field ,Hoddesdon
20th August - Beaumont Fun Day, Clyde Place, Leyton,E10
26th August - Crayford, Kent
28th August - The Mitre, New Barnet
30st August - Seddon Centre, Leyton


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